2. ‘Golden Opportunity’ by Austin Hartley-Leonard
    Catchy. Good. — “Golden Opportunity” by Austin Hartley-Leonard is my new jam:

  3. ‘Jolene’ by Ray LaMontagne
    Beautiful. “Jolene” by @RayLaMontagne is my new jam:


  4. Good ‘ol SwagyTracks

    (Source: Spotify)

  5. ‘All for Nothing (ft. Abby Kirchoff)’ by Splyt
    A little @SwagyTracks for the morning. “All for Nothing (ft. Abby Kirchoff)” by @SplytMusic is my new jam:

  7. polychroniadis:

    Bergmeisterwolf Architects, 'Landscape frame', 2006.

    (Source: realismoutopico)

  8. ‘Slow Motion (Instrumental)’ by Third Eye Blind
    This song doesn’t necessarily need its lyrics to be good (plus, they’re a little depressing anyhow):

  9. wearephoenix:

    We support Fair Use of our music!

    We were upset to find out that a lecture by Professor Lawrence Lessig titled ‘Open’ was removed from YouTube without review, under the mistaken belief that it infringed our copyright interests.

    This lecture about Fair-Use included -as examples- bits of spontaneous fan videos using our song Lisztomania.

    Not only do we welcome the illustrative use of our music for educational purposes, but, more broadly, we encourage people getting inspired and making their own versions of our songs and videos and posting the result online.

    One of the great beauties of the digital era is to liberate spontaneous creativity - it might be a chaotic space of free association sometimes but the contemporary experience of digital re-mediation is enormously liberating.

    We don’t feel the least alienated by this; appropriation and recontextualization is a long-standing behavior that has just been made easier and more visible by the ubiquity of internet.

    In a few words:
    We absolutely support Fair Use of our music,

    and we can only encourage a new copyright policy that protects Fair Use as much as every creators’ legitimate interests.


  10. trashhand:

    sultan ahmet camii. | istanbul, turkiye.